Filmmaking Camera Over the Time

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In the change of filmmaking cameras thru time (and most of the electronics) size matters. The smallest and the lighter is better since its easier to carry around and to hold it during long hours of the production. Different straps to hold big cameras have been made but it seems that that is not enough. Today, we have the GoPro, a cheap camera with High Definition that besides being the lightest and smallest gadget for filmmaking, its also very resistant and it can be placed almost ANYWHERE. Because of this, we are able to see from different perspectives that the human eye have never seen before.

The Evolution of video-making with GoPro’s

GoPro is a HD personal camera more often used for extreme sports video-making and photography. The price of a GoPro varies between 379.99 – 479.99 Euros. This cameras can be used and placed basically anywhere :  ula ula hoops, skateboards, surf boards, skydiving, anything.

Since its really small, light and made out of plastic its really easy to manipulate and to have different angles and perspectives of the same movement.

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